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White Siberian & German Shepherd Husky Mix – 6 Differences

In this article, we will talk about German Shepherd Husky Mix with white coat color. We normally called them “white german shepherds husky mix” and also we treat them as a separate dog breed. In this article, we will differentiate white german shepherd huskies with the white Siberian husky mix. We will also talk about their parent breeds and other points where these breeds differ from each other. So let start our today’s topic.

White German Shepherd Husky Mix Origin Details

German Shepherd Husky is a working dog because both of its parent breeds are considered very active and energetic. Especially the white german shepherd husky mix has more qualities inherited from its parent breeds GSD and Siberian Husky. As one of its parents breeds German shepherd normally found in American State so there are more chances that the white GS husky mix also exists in the USA.

Parent Breeds Of White German Husky Mix

1. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is one of the parent breeds of white german shepherd husky mix. They very loyal and consider a good family dog. Siberian Huskies are very fun-loving and joy to work.

German - Shepherd - Husky - Mix

Siberian Husky Physical Characteristics Chart

  • Weight: 35-60lbs
  • Height: 21- 23inches (From Shoulders)
  • Coat: Thick texture with medium length
  • Coat Color: Black to White & Black and White
  • Life Span: 12 – 15 Years

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd is one of the very famous and has adorable features. They are normally used for different physical tasks like running and chasing etc. They are very loyal and loving but at the same time, when they got frustrated and they usually bark.

German Shepherd Physical Characteristics Chart

  • Weight: 66 – 88lbs
  • Height: 24 – 26 inches (Male) , 22 – 24 inches (Female)
  • Coat Color: Black, Black & Tan, Sable, Red & Black
  • Life Span: 9 – 13 Years

White Siberian Husky Origin Details

White Siberian Huskies are known as seld dogs. These seld dogs have purely white coat colors. They are normally found in the USA.


German Shepherd Husky Mix & Wolf Mix – 6 Major Differences

German - Shepherd - Husky - Mix

Physical Characteristics Chart – White Siberian Husky

  • Coat Texture: Thick
  • Coat Color: White
  • Weight: 45 – 60 pounds
  • Features: Erected Ears, Long Full Tails, Bright Blue eyes.
German - Shepherd - Husky - Mix

White German Shepherd Husky Mix & White Siberian Husky: 6 Major Differences

In this section of the article, we will try to elaborate on the differences between white German Shepherd Husky Mix & White Siberian Husky. Apparently white Siberian huskies look similar to the white husky mixed german shepherd.

1. Physical Appearance

While talking about the white German Shepherd Husky Mix, they in medium and large in size. They have normally black eye color. Their height is 20 – 25 inches and the weight is about 45lbs to 88 lbs.

Siberian Husky has normally blue colored eyes. Bright blue eyes are very common in white Siberian Husky breeds. Their blue eyes give the resemblance of the wolf.

2. Pure Breed OR Mixed Breed

White German Shepherd Husky Mix is a mixed breed. This mix breed is the result of the cross between German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky.

On the other hand, White Siberian Husky is a pure dog breed. This dog breed purely belongs to the Siberian family. There are no mixed genes of any other dog breed.

3. Training Commands & Directions

Talking about white german shepherd husky mix, they are initially difficult to handle and also they demand a high level of patience from your side. When they start to follow your instructions they are easy to train or handled. They are considered good listeners and also quick learners. At every moment they like to learn new things and new instructions.

On the other side, white Siberian husky is an independent thinker. They do not listen too much to their instructor or trainer. Moreover, they do not like too many restrictions. Also, they do not like to learn new things.

4. How They Behaved With Other Pets?

Both White German Shepherd Husky Mix and Siberian Husky are good and consider the best as the family pet. If a white german shepherd husky mixes grow with other pets and animal they became very friendly by nature.

While talking about white Siberian husky they are also good going with family and the children but they have somehow wild nature. Due to their wild roots, Siberian huskies had a strong prey drive towards smaller animals like squirrels, rabbits, and cats.

5. Health Issues

Comparing the two breeds one is the pure breed and the other one is a husky mix breed. Among these two breeds, the pure breed is considered more healthy as compared to the German Shepherd Husky Mix.

German - Shepherd - Husky - Mix

Siberian Husky Health Issues

  • Eye Issue like Contracts
  • Hip Dysplasia

German Shepherd Husky Mix Health Issues

German Shepherd and Husky Mix has a shorter lifespan as compared to the Siberian Husky. He is also prone to more health issues than the Husky, including degenerative myelopathy, elbow dysplasia, and bloat.

6. Which One Is Good Family Pet?

While talking about the white German Shepherd Husky Mix and the white Siberian Husky dog breed. German Shepherd Husky Mix is good and most preferred as a family pet. They are more loyal and more friendly as compared to the Siberian Huskies because somehow Siberian huskies have some wolf and disastrous nature.

German - Shepherd - Husky -Mix

With the discussion of which one is a good family pet? We are winding up our today’s topic. In this topic, we tried to differentiate between two different breeds one is pure breed and the other one is a mixed breed. For more discussion, you can visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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